ATSSA - Traffic Control Supervisor (TCS)

Advanced training in the principles of temporary work zone traffic control.


All work zone personnel should receive training according to the job decision they are required to make. Training enables highway workers to provide for the safety of motorists, workers and pedestrians.

The Traffic Control Supervisor course is a 2-day course designed for individuals who supervise traffic control technicians and other field personnel. It provides comprehensive training on work zone standards, guidelines, installation and removal procedures, inspection, documentation and supervisory skills.

The TCS course expands on the concepts and techniques taught in the Traffic Control Technician (TCT), which is a prerequisite for this course*. Students are taught how to read and interpret traffic control plans for implementation in the field. Several workshops included in this course are designed to provide hands-on experience implementing and modifying temporary traffic control plans for various real life situations. It also teaches how to recognize, analyze correct and document deficiencies. These workshops also provide the opportunity for students to learn to work together as a team and to present solutions to the class. A further objective of this course is to teach the students skills necessary to become an effective Supervisor so they can effectively oversee personnel in the field.

ATSSA instructors bring years of practical experience in traffic control to the classroom. They present this 2-day class using an illustrated PowerPoint presentation covering material from the latest edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). State and local standards and guidelines may also be discussed. Instructors will spend time with each workshop group providing direction and advice to the groups as they work on their assignments. Each student receives a notebook containing a Student Reference Guide and workshop materials, Part 6 of the MUTCD and the ATSSA Quality Guidelines for Traffic Control Devices.

TCS Certification Requirements

  • Pass TCT and TCS Courses with 80% or greater on exams
  • Possess two years (4000 hours) temporary traffic control experience
  • Complete Certification Application and pay Certification Fee
  • Provide 2 references to verify work experience
  • Be approved by the ATSSA Certification Board

Certification is valid for 4 years. At the end of 4 years, the student must take a recertification exam to be recertified.

Students will leave this course with knowledge needed to interpret and implement temporary traffic control plans in the field to make the project as safe as possible for their fellow workers, motorists and pedestrians.


This training is recommended for supervisory personnel that are responsible for the installation, maintenance, or removal of traffic control devices.  See pre-requisite Information below.

*Completion of the ATSSA Traffic Control Technician course is required as a prerequisite to register for this course.
**In some states, the Traffic Control Supervisor course is a stand-alone course so passing the Traffic Control Technician course is not required. Contact RSSD for state specific requirements.