FallTech 7232 DuraTech® SRL, Galvanized Cable, 30'

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FallTech 7232.jpg

FallTech 7232 DuraTech® SRL, Galvanized Cable, 30'

  • 30' working length
  • Durable cast and CNC machined aluminum housing for precision fit and finish
  • Steel thimble for long life with cable ferrules protected in grip handle
  • Spring bumper assembly with grip handle to reduce lock-up from free-wheeling
  • Load-indicating swivel carabiner with 3,600 lbs gate strength
  • Inertial dual disk brake system is efficient and arrest falls quickly and effectively
  • Reduces arrest forces to less than 900 lbs in overhead applications
  • Aluminum alloy construction makes for a rugged and light weight product.
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When choosing a lanyard or SRD, it is important to consider your application and calculate the distance of clear fall needed in order for the fall arrest system to activate and keep the worker from making contact with the lower level. Clear Fall distance calculations differ depending on the type of connector you plan to use.
OSHA requires that every piece of Fall Protection Equipment is inspected by the worker prior to use, and once a year by a competent inspector. This video shows you how to inspect cable and web Self Retracting Devices