FallTech 727650LE Contractor Leading Edge SRL, Galvanized Cable, 50'

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FallTech 727650LE.jpg

FallTech 727650LE Contractor Leading Edge SRL, Galvanized Cable, 50'


7/32 Galvanized Steel Cable; Internal Inertial Brake And External Shock Pack; Glass-filled Nylon Housing; 1 Connecting Carabiner and 1 Load-indicating Swivel Carabiner.

  • The housing is constructed with lightweight glass-filled nylon that offers increased strength for durability with excellent wear resistance properties.
  • A carrying handle is integrated to the SRD for easy transport around the job site.
  • A dual energy absorber system - internal inertial brake and external shock pack - reduces the risk of cable failure when contacting an edge during a fall event.
  • The SRD may be used as a traditional SRD for overhead anchorage options or in below harness D-ring anchorage conditions.
  • A 7/32” Galvanized steel cable for added cut resistance.
  • A swiveling, self-locking carabiner reduces cable twist and provides visual indication of a fall event.
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When choosing a lanyard or SRD, it is important to consider your application and calculate the distance of clear fall needed in order for the fall arrest system to activate and keep the worker from making contact with the lower level. Clear Fall distance calculations differ depending on the type of connector you plan to use.
OSHA requires that every piece of Fall Protection Equipment is inspected by the worker prior to use, and once a year by a competent inspector. This video shows you how to inspect cable and web Self Retracting Devices